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From Concept to Execution: Marketing Videos

Studies have shown that video content marketing is one of the top digital marketing strategies to include in your online marketing efforts. Budget has become available and you can now move forward to the next step – but what exactly is the next step? How do you start? Who’s going to help you? What do you need to do?

Many brands find themselves in this position, which is why CF Communications put together this guide on engaging a video production agency and the 5 steps from concept to execution. 

Content Idea

The concept is the basic idea that you have to share with your video production team. If you’re not going to write your own script, you still need to give the video production team an idea of what you want to focus on. The script is basically the video written down. It provides information on the format, tone, length, budget, people to interview, the type of shots the camera crew must have and the voice over or audio that needs to be included. Based on this information, a script is written. 


The content idea is part of the pre-production but also stands on its own. we After the video production team has received the script, they can work through the ideas you have for the video and expectations to follow to meet your brand’s vision. They will draw up the budget and work accordingly. Pre-production also includes the scheduling of interviews, booking the voice over artist and recording studio, booking any extra crew and cast, and creating a time schedule for both production and post-production team.

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Finally the shooting day arrive and the camera crew are ready to start the creative process. You may think it’s just one person pitching up at your office to quickly shoot for 5 minutes, but that’s not the case at all. A professional camera crew will have cameras, lighting and sound packages. They will access the location for the best shot and lighting set-up. Interviews will be filmed a few times to ensure the best quality, visual and sound. It’s the same with the cut-away shots. Each shot is executed to enhance the professionality, quality and creativity for the final product.


The camera crew will hand over the footage to the editor to start the post-production process. The editor works according to the script, to understand the interviews and B-Roll (cut away shots). The editor takes the prerogative to choose the best shots and interviews. If you have any voice over this is the time that the recording will take place. The editor will insert the cut over the interviews and or voice over for the rough cut. The text, logos and music are added before the rough cut is send to you for changes. After your feedback, the editor will start with the final process. Next the amendments to the rough cut will be made; the colouring of every shot will be made. The final step is to mix the audio before the video is exported into the most suitable format for your needs.

Producing video content is a creative process that should be contained and worked on all under one roof. It’s impossible to think the video production process is a one size fits all service and CF Communications has all the tools necessary to make sure your video sticks out amongst the rest.

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