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Innovation vs. Trust: Navigating the future of business in South Africa

The 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer illuminates the complex landscape of trust within the global society, spotlighting a pronounced paradox at the heart of modern innovation. Rapid technological advancements, while promising a new era of prosperity, are concurrently exacerbating trust issues, resulting in societal instability and political polarisation. The data reveals that this dynamic is not limited to specific regions but...
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Focused marketing strategies are critical amidst challenging economic times

In an era of economic uncertainty and ever-evolving market dynamics, businesses face unprecedented challenges to maintain their competitive edge and sustain growth. To address these challenges head-on, Cathlen Fourie, Director of CF Communications, a leading marketing and communication agency, emphasizes the critical need for businesses to adopt a focused and strategic marketing and communication strategy aligned with their overarching business...
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Why AI tools can assist but not replace human expertise in marketing and communication

The rise of ChatGPT has sparked rumours that content-dependent professions, such as playwrights, professors, programmers, and journalists, could become obsolete. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a large language model that can generate text that resembles human language. It can help with tasks such as translation, summarisation, and even creative writing. As a communication specialist, I’m of the opinion that while AI tools...
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10 advantages of Social Media Marketing for your business

Social networking is now an integral part of any marketing campaign, and the advantages of doing so are so great that anybody who does not take advantage of this low-cost resource is losing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity. It’s clear that social media marketing is a critical component of marketing success, and many marketers recognise the platform’s potential for...
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