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Key Considerations When Hiring a Public Relations Agency

The role of a Public Relations agency is to promote companies via editorial coverage. This is known as “earned” media; stories appearing in newspapers and magazines and the brand being invited to participate as guests on radio or tv shows, or podcasts and webinars.

A Public Relations agency’s goals are to promote clients and have them appear as successful, honest, important, exciting or relevant as possible.  Public Relations creates awareness of a brand but takes a different approach to traditional advertising. Most people understand advertising is paid for by the client and should be viewed with skepticism.  Articles in respected publications or TV interviews have the advantage of third-party validation and are generally viewed more favorably.

Brands should hire a Public Relations agency when they want to protect, enhance or build their reputations through the media.  A good agency can analyse the organisation, find the positive messages and translate those messages into positive media stories.  When the news is bad or the brand faces a reputation crises, an agency can formulate the best response and lessen the damage.

A good Public Relations agency is a strategic partner and extension of their client’s brand. They guide clients in how to successfully talk to and with their audiences. A Public Relations agency is tapped into their client’s industry and knows which topics and stories will work, but also what just might get resistance.. Since they are not employees of the brand that hires them, they can give an honest, outsider view of the brand and the potential story ideas that could work.

The relationship between client and agency should not be passive.  Clients should inform the agency what messages they would like to promote and make suggestions on where they would like to appear.  Very few stories make the front page of the Sunday Times or Business Report, but with a media atmosphere that includes blogs, websites, TV shows, an owned podcast, magazines and other media that evolves every day, a good Public Relations agency will help clients increase their visibility via increased recognition on as many respected editorial platforms as possible.

Long term, public relations can be an investment in the brand and the visibility of a brand that results in increased recognition and reputation.

Hiring a Public Relations agency

It’s important to conduct research into Public Relations agencies to determine if they are suitable for your business. Often small agencies have the ability to specialise in certain areas which allows them to create and maintain close relationships with the journalists in these areas. Once you have found a suitable Public Relations agency schedule a meeting with them to discuss your PR objectives. It’s important to choose the right agency that can help you achieve your PR goals. 

Are you looking to tell your brand’s story, increase your industry position or reach a wider audience?  Let our team help you achieve all of these goals via public relations.

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