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The Critical Elements to Budget for in a Marketing Video

Creating a marketing video for your brand is much more than just coming up with a concept. From engaging with a video marketing agency to final approval, the entire production can be broken down into three elements. In this blog we’re sharing an analysis of the key elements and people that form part of the video production process.


Researcher – This is the initial person who will contact the clients to determine and verify information of the basic concept of your video. The researcher acts as liaison between the client, agency and scriptwriter. The researcher provides the scriptwriter with all the necessary information.

Scriptwriter – The scriptwriter receives the information to create a detailed script. This includes the basic shots, interviews and voice over.

Storyboard artist – After the initial scriptwriting, a storyboard artist will breakdown the key elements for the DOP (Director of Photography) to know exactly what to film on the shoot days.

Production Coordinator – Depending on your requirements a production coordinator will organize all the crew, schedules, accommodation, meals, and travel arrangement for the shoot, according to the budget.

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Director – Depending on your budget you might want to involve a director.  The director is the creative person who controls the making of the production and supervises the actors, voice over artist, interviewees and technical crew.

Director of Photography – The DOP is responsible for the overall style of the video, including lighting, shot composition, camera movement and any decisions involving the look of the production. In certain circumstances the DOP will also be responsible for the recording of the sound during the filming.

Camera Assistant – As per their description the camera assistant assist the DOP. They are there to ensure that camera, sound, and lighting equipment are working correctly and prepare the equipment for the shoot. Depending on the type of production, they might also help with the shot list.

Field Producer – The Field Producer is a coordinator for a story while the crew is in the field. This person will make sure that the camera crew film the shot list and interviews as per the script. The Field Producer is also the liaison between the crew and the production team.

Sound engineer –This technician deals with the recording of interviews and the ambience sound. They ensure pure and clean recorded sound with the use of lapel and dynamic boom microphones.


Editor – The editor’s responsibility is to assembly the raw footage into the final clips as per the script and storyboard, during the post-production. They make the final creative decision about the selection and combine shots into sequences, as well as adding the sound effects and music; to ultimately create the finished video.

Voice over recording and artist – Most of the times you will need a voice over for your video. You might only use interviews, but for certain productions you will need a voice over artist for a that extra professional feel. The voice over artist will record the script according to the tone of your script.

The finalising of the video happens between the editor and the sound engineer. After the final changes of the client the editor will do the grading and colouring of the footage. The sound will be sent to the studio to be edited, mixed and finalised by the sound engineer.

Producing video content is a creative process that should be contained and worked on all under one roof. It’s impossible to think the video production process is a one size fits all service and CF Communications has all the tools necessary to make sure your video sticks out amongst the rest.

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