What the British Mums team is watching on Netflix this September

The British Mums team is sharing their top picks on Netflix this September, making sure you have an idea of mum-friendly entertainment available.

What the British Mums team is watching on Netflix this September

When you’re a mum and there’s a million things to do around the home, finding time to sit down and watch a show on Netflix is something we all struggle with! We often find ourselves scrolling through the titles in a desperate bid to forget about the housework and tomorrows lunch boxes, but we’re so spoilt for choice that making a decision is often too hard and we revert back to an old favourite, like FRIENDS just to pass the time.

That’s why we’re sharing our top picks on Netflix this September, making sure you have an idea of mum-friendly entertainment available.


Based on true events, this series MUST-SEE for everyone, as the suspense and build-up is jaw dropping. The series is based on the 1986 nuclear accident, one of the most horrific accidents in human history. As a viewer you are taken on a roller coaster journey of the sacrifices the brave women and men had to make to save Europe. But that’s not all, while they are trying to save the continent they are also trying to prevent another disaster from taking place. This series will leave you with chills running down your spine! – Jade

Good Girls

This series is a great one to watch with your girlfriends, if there’s such a thing as a “TV club” I’d definitely add this one to the list. The series is about three fed-up mums who rob a grocery store (in the most casual and funny way) and have to deal with endless repercussions. Without giving away too much about the story, the main characters are going through some difficulties which a lot of us can relate to, you might find yourself tearing up at some moments and shouting at the TV in others. If you haven’t started watching it, I’d say take a day off and binge watch it while enjoying your favourite snacks. – Jade

Orange is the New Black

Forget all the previous prison shows you’ve watched, this is a good one because it has a mixture of humour and drama. Orange Is the New Black is a funny yet somewhat engaging and thought-provoking show. One minute you’re laughing and the next you find yourself wrapped up in the characters stories. What I love the most is the character development and the cliffhangers at the end of each episode, it’s perfect for a prison story. – Jen

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why follows the story of a teenager that committed suicide and left 13 tapes behind for each person that played a role in her decision to end her life. The series addresses teen issues such as a culture of gossip, bullying, drug use and sexual assault and is extremely emotional and hard hitting. While season 1 focussed on the story from Hannah’s perspective through the tapes she left behind, season 2 shows the other side as students testify in court as witnesses when Hannah’s mother sues the school for negligence and the role they played in Hannah’s death.

Season three is set eight months after the end of season two, (where one of the students attempted a mass massacre at the Spring Fling). Tensions reach boiling at the school which results in the murder of Bryce Walker, the student accused of raping Hannah. The students of Liberty High are once again forced under the microscope as the investigation into Bryce’s death threatens to expose their darkest secrets. – Hannah

Workin’ Moms

Since it first premiered on Netflix in January 2019, parents have praised the show Workin’ Moms for its honest portrayal of parenthood. The story follows four moms who have to return to the workplace after their maternity leave, a struggle in which a lot of us can relate. From a stagnant sex life, back-to-work after maternity leave anxiety, post-natal depression, breastfeeding struggles – it’s all there!

It’s the little things like scenes where someone is trying to take a shower with the baby in the bathroom or the struggles of breastfeeding and pumping that make it feel like you’re watching the real, lived-in version of motherhood, and not the perfect, serene, camera-friendly version you always see on TV.

A plus point – make your husband watch it with you and he may just finally understand what we mums deal with every day! – Lauren, Jen and Hannah all love this one!

Stranger Things? Season 3

This series is about a nostalgic trip of the 80s , throwback to being a kid and remembering your youth. Over the course of two seasons of Stranger Things, viewers were taken on an emotional journey following a group of characters from Hawkins, IN. The characters closely involved were quickly swept up in the supernatural happenings and dangerous mysteries plaguing the town.

Stranger Things season 3 takes place in the summer of 1985. Those in Hawkins are living a seemingly normal life a year after the strange events that took place during the first two seasons. Changes are happening all over town with the construction of the Starcourt Mall and a brand new mayor.

Bit scary but ultimately a great trip back down memory lane of BMXs, no mobiles and imagination! – Lauren

For the little ones – Peppa Pig

A firm favourite for toddlers this series doesn’t require an introduction as it’s probably on repeat in your home if you have little ones under 4. Just a note – skip season 4, episode 23 “Peppa’s noisy night”. In this episode baby Alexander needs a lot of noise to fall asleep and after watching Peppa Pig non-stop, this one is just too much! A personal favourite is the one where they sing the Peace & Harmony song – my 2 year old just loves singing along! – Hannah

For kids – If I were an animal

This is one of my fave shows to put on for the kids as it’s education and its not animated. If your kids love animals, like mine do, then this is the perfect show for them as it goes back to leaning the basics of all sorts of wonderful species of animals. I must admit, I’ve learnt a bit myself! – Lauren

For teenagers – Glee season 6

Season 6 is the last one in the series and focusses on former glee club member Rachel Berry, who returns to McKinley High School after her TV pilot doesn’t work out to rebuild the disbanded glee club. It was a firm favourite when it first came out so the perfect one to rewatch the whole way through with your teenagers. – Jen

Chick flick pick of the month: Couples Retreat

Whether you’ve seen it or not, don’t miss this romantic comedy featuring Vince Vaughn and Kirsten Bell. Four couples head off to a tropical island on a couples therapy week and hilarious situations occur as they navigate through various issues facing each of their relationships. It’s a refreshing and funny take on the woes of daily married life, addressing infertility, sexual incompatibility, being stuck in a rut, raising children and financial difficulties. – Lauren

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