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New Year’s resolution: Buying your dream house in 2022

While there are many factors that contribute to a happy life, nothing compares to the feeling of possessing your own house. If you want to buy a house in 2022, now is the time to take advantage of the best real estate deals and get your dream home. “The residential property market in South Africa is fascinating because to a combination of all-time low interest rates, a protracted buyer’s market, and an ongoing boom of first-time buyers,” says Pearl Scheltema, CEO of Fitzanne Estates, a leading real estate agent in Pretoria.

Here are the top three reasons why you should invest in a home of your own in 2022:

  • Renting can be more expensive in the long run.
  • Buying your own house is an investment that keeps growing in value.
  • Real estate rates are very affordable given the current circumstances.

Renting can be more expensive in the long run

Despite the lockdown and turbulence in the economy, owning a house in South Africa has grown ever more accessible and appealing. “If you find a property priced at a point where your bond repayments would be close to what the market-related rent would be, you should seriously consider buying rather than renting,” says Scheltema. Security deposits or non-refundable deposits, rent, and utilities are all included in rental fees (none of which gives you any return on investment).

Make a list of the pros and cons of committing to long-term bond repayments, taking into account affordability, costs, and the influence on your flexibility, among other factors. This will assist you in determining your readiness to make such a significant commitment. “You can also contact Fitzanne Estates; as a leading real estate agent in Pretoria, we can offer lots of advice and tips in this regard.” 

Buying your own house is an investment that keeps growing in value

A well-priced home; with a strong bond, is still one of the best investments that an average person can make. There is no other investment out there that provides the typical family, couple or individual the advantages that a home will. “A good rule of thumb is to never spend more than 30% of your income on housing. That means your monthly take-home salary should never exceed 30% of your bond payment,” advises Scheltema. “This should provide you with sufficient funds to live the lifestyle you desire while purchasing a home.”

When purchased properly a home can be an investment that saves you money on taxes, doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle, and gives you a lot of emotional happiness. 

Real estate rates are very affordable given the current circumstances

A low prime interest rate of 7,25% is driving tenants to become property owners. “Monthly bond repayments are at an all-time low, and we expect marginal interest rate increases in 2022, with experts estimating that pre-Covid interest rates would not be seen for several years,” says Scheltema. “This creates a favourable environment for both buyers and investors.”

Having a trustworthy and reliable team on your side makes all the difference. Contact Fitzanne Estates, a leading real estate agent in Pretoria, to find out how you can reach your property goals!


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