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Executive profile: Cathlen Fourie, CEO, CF Communications

With close to a decade of experience in the whirlwind world that is Public Relations, Cathlen Fourie, founder and CEO of CF Communications, could write a book about her experiences in the industry. Right from the start, her passion has been rooted in words and creating narratives that bring meaningful stories to life.

Getting her start in the tourism industry combined her passion for creating conversations and experiences. She quickly realised that her real calling was in communication, and it’s a passion that’s been there ever since. With a deep respect for and love of continuous professional development, Cathlen has been able to make the most of each of her opportunities.

Throughout her career, she has partnered with a variety of clients, many of which operate within the professional services sector. Cathlen was part of the PR team that launched the highly influential King IV Report in 2016, and she has worked closely with the renowned Dr Mark Bussin. Dr Bussin, the chairperson of 21st Century Pay Solutions, and an Executive Committee member of the South African Reward Association, has been an influential figure in Cathlen’s career, having shown her the importance of practicing good business whilst being a good person – and of course also an excellent media spokesperson.

After the birth of her son in 2017, Cathlen decided to put her industry experience to good use and founded CF Communications. Now living in the Western Cape with her two sons, Cathlen’s clients are located around the world, and across industries.

CF Communications offers comprehensive services including content marketing, social media marketing, public relations, and podcast production. All of these services work together to create cohesive communication strategies that not only capture your attention but craft a long-lasting narrative that holds meaning for all the right reasons.

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