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British Mums Social Media Portfolio

The British Mums Dubai group is a social place where mums have been coming together to help each other since 2012. The British Mums Dubai group aims to develop relationships, meet new friends and ask for, or offer support from like-minded women in a friendly and supportive way where members feel comfortable posting. We love celebrating success stories, sharing light-hearted posts, and pulling together for our community. The Dubai group has over 16,000 members, all actively engaged.

CF Communications has provided social media marketing, copywriting, and community management to British Mums since 2017. Our role includes creating posts to encourage engagement, responding to member queries, approving new members, approving anonymous posts, monitoring member activity to ensure members comply with the community guidelines and regularly crafting, posting, and sharing content to promote clients of British Mums. These posts take the form of social posts, event galleries, event invitations, competitions, blog posts, and advertorials.

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