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The Logo Design Process

A brand’s logo is the foundation of your brand identity. It should grab attention, make a strong first impression, be memorable, should separate you from the competition, and foster brand loyalty. When creating the perfect logo for your brand, you should spend ample time with your graphic designer to make sure that the essence of your brand is captured and comes through in your brand logo. Here’s the process a graphic designer goes through to create a professional logo design. 


The first step of the logo design process is getting to know you and your brand. Some clients have specific requirements which will be discussed during this phase. Research is done on your goals, target market, competitors and industry. The research helps a designer get a sense of the environment in which the logo is going to be used and the brand that it would represent. 


During this stage, the designer translates their research into a visual representation using a mood board. A mood board helps the designer stay focused and make further design decisions. Next, the designer will sketch out some logos ideas. 


The designer will take the best logo design sketches and translate them into digital logos for you to choose from. During this phase the designer considers various elements, styles, fonts, shapes, colours and layout designs to create the best visual representation for your brand. 


When the designer is done with the logo concepts they will present them to you. You’ll choose your favourite logo design and discuss any additional colour, font or layout edits that you might want, which the designer will use to modify the logo design accordingly.


Once you’ve approved the final logo design, it’s time to create a Brand Identity Guide. The Brand Identity Guide is a written manual that explains how the logo, colours, fonts and imagery should be used for various applications.

Great logos do not happen by accident. They are the result of critical thinking, interrogating, collaborating, exploring, experimenting, experience and skill.

CF Communications offers a full-process graphic design service, from concept to final artwork, from web to print that are truly tailored to meet your brand’s needs. We can create all the design and branding elements you need to provide your business with a professional and unique look and feel, saving you time and money, leaving you to do what you do best.

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