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Replacing garage door

Signs you need to replace your garage door

Maintenance on your garage door, like anything else on your house, should be done on a regular basis to ensure that it runs properly and without any problems. According to Quinn Loureiro, Director at Ventech Solutions, ignoring minor issues may eventually lead to larger, more costly problems.

When is it appropriate to replace a garage door? That question does not have a single answer. A simple panel replacement or hardware kit change can sometimes repair damage to a door. You may also put off garage door repairs by using smart preventative measures like cleaning and inspecting the door twice a year. However, not all issues can be resolved in this manner.

Most homeowners know it’s time to replace their garage doors when they face a serious problem — often recurring ones.

However, here are 4 signs that it is perhaps a good time to upgrade to new garage doors:

Garage Door Warning Signs

Is it necessary to replace your garage doors, or would a less expensive repair suffice? Taking a look at the overall condition of your garage doors will help you find the answer. The following are examples of garage door warning signs to be aware of:

  • Sagging, warped, or damaged garage door panels, as well as tears in Alu-Zinc panels that worsen over time and obstruct garage door functioning.
  • When the garage door opens or closes, loud noises and movement cause erratic operation, friction, and falling, signaling that the door is going off track or the springs are failing.
  • Deteriorating appearance, such as chipping, peeling paint, water damage, and a dull finish, detract from the garage door’s appeal.
  • Fraying wires, bent tracks, broken springs, or damaged hinges are examples of broken or damaged hardware that obstruct the garage door’s function. 

Missing safety features may be the most significant warning sign that you need a new garage door.

“You never want to jeopardize your family’s safety,” emphasises Loureiro. “If you discover that the door no longer closes completely, you may be leaving your property open to attackers who can take advantage of even the tiniest breach to try to break in.”

Making a decision with Ventech Solutions

If you still have any doubts about whether or not you should replace your garage door, consult the security specialists at Ventech Solutions. They have years of experience serving the Northern Suburbs in the Western Cape and are ready to walk you through the process from start to finish. Call them at +27 61 668 2345 or email for a FREE on-site evaluation of your garage door needs.

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