Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the creation and distribution of digital marketing collateral with the goal of increasing brand awareness, improving search engine rankings and generating audience interest. Businesses use content marketing to nurture leads and enable sales by using site analytics, keyword research and targeted strategy recommendations.

Are you looking to build community, build influence or make money? Let our team help you achieve all of these goals via Content Marketing.

From strategy development to content creation, publishing to distribution and promotion, our Content Marketing services are engineered to achieve your business goals. Fuel your brand with results-driven, engaging content for your website, email campaigns, social media channels and paid distribution.

Content strategy is our game.

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Blog Writing Services

As top-of-sales-funnel content, blog posts increase brand awareness and drive website traffic with relevant content that emphasises visual storytelling. Industry-focused writers craft every piece of blog content in conjunction with content marketing strategists and project managers. Blogs are an excellent way to increase your online presence by driving organic traffic to your site. All blog content created is based on a clear editorial calendar shared with you.

Combining your guidance and search engine optimisation best practices, we map out each blog post to ensure topics, titles, keywords and formatting engage your target audience, support your marketing strategy and serve your commercial goals. It is our mission to create valuable content for visitors, whilst optimising for search engines. 

eBooks and White Papers

eBooks and white papers underpin an effective content marketing strategy. These middle- and bottom-of-funnel content marketing assets can be gated to capture potential customer contact information. eBooks are truly a hybrid of infographic and white papers, marrying bite-sized chunks of actionable information with eye-catching custom graphics. They are ideal for grabbing and holding audience attention.

White papers take a more in-depth approach, featuring thoroughly researched copy that dives deep into subjects with commentary and analysis. While more text-focused than eBooks, white papers are also formatted for visual appeal with brand logos, colors and imagery in the header, footer and margins.

Case Studies and Website Copy

Clearly outlining the benefits of products and services, CF Communications case studies provide proof of client capabilities using real-world examples. Data-focused success stories highlight brand potential through customer testimonials, employee interviews and information analysis. As with eBooks and white papers, case studies are formatted to maximise visual appeal among middle-of-funnel prospects.

Your CF Communications marketing team can also provide detailed website copy that incorporates SEO best practices along with in-depth exploration of unique products, services and value propositions. Landing page copy is designed to generate leads and drive conversions for bottom-of-funnel website visitors ready to reach out and take the next step.

Content Marketing Advice & Tips

Why AI tools can assist but not replace human expertise in marketing and communication

The rise of ChatGPT has sparked rumours that content-dependent professions, such as playwrights, professors, programmers, and journalists, could become obsolete. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a large language model that can generate text that resembles human language. It can help with tasks such as translation, summarisation, and even creative writing. As a communication specialist, I’m of the opinion that while AI tools such as ChatGPT can assist with certain aspects of marketing and copywriting, they cannot replace the human touch and expertise when it comes to creating effective campaigns. Search engines such as Google have sophisticated algorithms that even the most advanced AI tools cannot surpass. In fact, using AI to generate content can harm SEO by producing duplicate, low-quality content. Consequently, it is essential to have a human touch when it comes to SEO and ensuring that the content aligns with the business’s goals and strategy. Additionally, human input is essential for the development of successful campaigns. AI tools can only operate with the data they are provided. Still required is the ability of a human to comprehend the needs and preferences of the intended audience and provide the necessary context for the AI tool to produce relevant content. This includes...
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7 Types of Content Marketing

Today, your content needs to reach your audience in a way that feels natural (a.k.a. inbound). A common way of doing this is by telling a story. In doing so, your content will feel more authentic, engaging, and tailored to your audience. Content Marketing is a method for companies to educate, inform, entertain and inspire the action of existing and potential customers. Content marketing promotes the product or service by raising brand awareness and by shaping the consumer perception.There are many types of content marketing that you may choose to incorporate in your strategy — here are some of the most common. Blog Content Marketing A blog is a section of a website that is updated with relevant content on a regular basis. Blogs are a powerful type of inbound content and allow for a lot of creativity in terms of their purpose and topic. With a blog, you can do things like promote other internal and external content and blog articles via links, add social share buttons, and subtly incorporate service information. The blog topics typically provide advice, guidance, tips and best practice about a core service offering of your brand. Public Relations Content Marketing For content to create...
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