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Garage door installation

Professionals should install your garage door for proven best results

When your property needs renovations, you may be tempted to do the work yourself. If you have some spare time, you might enjoy the idea of feeling pleased with yourself for a job well done with your own two hands. However, you may find that replacing your garage door is a job best left to the professionals. Quinn Loureiro, Director of Ventech Solutions, explains why.

Safety is a real concern.

Garage doors, especially wood garage doors, are extremely heavy. “As the garage door is removed, you’ll need enough assistants to support the whole weight of the garage door. When you are not familiar with removing garage doors, you may end up with devastating consequences, including multiple injuries,” explains Loureiro.

Experience is important.

A garage door must be uninstalled and reinstalled in a precise manner. “When installing a garage door, the garage door installer must consider counterweighting the garage door to ensure that it comes off and on without a hitch,” says Loureiro. “If you don’t know what you’re doing, removing some components, such as the springs, can be dangerous.”

You need to know exactly how each component interacts with the others when installing a garage door, not just that they connect. In addition, the components must be installed with the proper force. “This ensures that the garage door opens and closes correctly, avoiding potential hazards both during installation and future use.”

The garage door installer will do the job safely both during the installation and in the future.

Experts pay attention to detail.

Preventing harmful tension when the garage door operates, as well as properly weatherproof the garage door, are two things a professional garage door installer would know to perform that you may have forgotten. Weatherizing your garage properly can allow you to better control the temperature inside while also lowering your monthly electricity bill.

Professionals correctly install automatic garage door systems.

Most garage doors nowadays open automatically. This necessitates the installation of an automatic garage door system. “A professional garage door installer will ensure that the motor is properly mounted, that the components are installed and aligned, that the motor functions properly, that the sensors are set up, and that the remote-control functions are operational,” says Loureiro.

An emergency lever is built into automatic garage doors, and it can be quite useful if something goes wrong with the system or if you encounter an emergency. “When you choose a professional garage door installer to install your garage door, you can rest assured that the lever will work properly when you need it.”

You save yourself money now and in the future.

“Professional installation of a garage door might help you prevent damaging and replacing components. You can also avoid having to deal with broken parts because of poor installation,” says Loureiro. “Even something as simple as failing to oil the right parts before using the door can result in readily avoidable repairs. Your new garage door may have come with a warranty, but if you installed it yourself, the warranty will be voided.”

If you’ve made the sensible decision to have a professional garage door installer install your garage door, contact VenTech Solutions today. We can remove your old garage door, provide you with the best new garage door for your needs, and install that door for you. We are also happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

Our professional garage door installers will leave you with a fully functional garage door that provides security, comfort, and beautiful new addition to the exterior of your home.

Ventech Solutions have years of experience serving the Northern Suburbs in the Western Cape and are ready to walk you through the process from start to finish. Call them at +27 61 668 2345 or email for a FREE on-site evaluation of your garage door needs.

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