Podcasting Starter Guide: Tips for a Successful Podcast

Have you noticed that podcasts are becoming increasingly popular? Podcasts are accessible, easy to listen to, and require very minimal effort for the listeners. Podcasts are a form of marketing that can not only grow your brand’s audience, but also its credibility. So why are podcasts so popular? Because they are incredibly huge money-makers. Plus,...
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Karabo Ramuhashi
Karabo Ramuhashi
Podcast Producer

As Podcast Producer for CF Communications I record, edit and produce podcast for a variety of clients. I have been editing audio for 10 years, and in the last 4 years being employed as an Audio Engineer at a media company in Cape Town. This gave me a platform to understand audio in film.

With podcasts booming overseas, I managed to venture into editing them in my spare time and editing audio for educational apps that teach kids vernacular languages.

My journey as an Audio Engineer comes from a long way, from being fascinated about my dad’s record player in 1996 to cassettes growing in popularity. I then stared recording my favorite songs from radio stations, and wound up editing accapellas for my dj sets.

Im still that kid fascinated with my dad’s record player. I just create a different type of story with the sounds I hear.