6 Important reasons why your business needs a Social Media Manager

Have you considered the importance of social media in your business’s overall marketing strategy? If you haven’t yet, now is a good time to start. After all, in 2019, there were approximately 22.89 million social network users in South Africa, and this figure is projected to grow to 26.81 million users in 2025. As a...
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10 advantages of Social Media Marketing for your business

Social networking is now an integral part of any marketing campaign, and the advantages of doing so are so great that anybody who does not take advantage of this low-cost resource is losing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity. It’s clear that social media marketing is a critical component of marketing success, and many marketers...
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Content Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

How is social media marketing different from content marketing? What is the point of difference between these two marketing strategies? And which is the best marketing strategy? If you are still unaware of the core differences between both marketing terminologies, then let’s dive into this and know more. Content marketing is content production and creative...
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Tumi Rakuba
Social Media Manager

As Social Media Manager for CF Communications, I work on all social media platforms; creating social media content for clients, writing blogs when necessary, scheduling content on various social media platforms and communicating with the different communities on their platforms. There’s a lot of creativity and digital marketing that goes into social media management, especially when you’re working with client campaigns.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked on some amazing campaigns in the past which have strengthened my skills.