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Exterior Security Cameras

Best tips for placing your exterior security cameras

Although no two homes are the same, everyone’s property deserves to be safeguarded. Security cameras are an excellent way to increase your sense of security because they provide you with additional eyes on your property at all times. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for security camera minimums because your property’s layout, budget, and home security goals vary from your neighbor’s. However, based on the vulnerabilities in your home, this guide will assist you in considering all components of your home security system and determining which ones are definite musts.

“The layout of your property and your security needs will play a big role in deciding where to put your first security camera,” advises Quinn Loureiro, Director at Ventech Solutions. “Typically, the first security camera is placed at the front door or gate to gather information on individuals or vehicles entering, and other security cameras are put to cover weak areas.”

For instance, at a back wall that runs parallel to an alley or on your house’s darkest side. If the security camera is connected to exterior beams, it will provide the security of an early warning system, as well as the ability to examine security breaches without having to gaze out a window.

Front Door

You might think that criminals only enter through side doors, but data show that 34% of burglars enter through the front door. “A security camera installed at your main door monitors everyone who enters and exits your home, from family members and domestic workers to maintenance personnel, delivery personnel, and others,” says Loureiro. “As a side note, video doorbells are excellent choices for the front entrance. You can use them alone or in combination with another exterior security camera focused at the yard or garage.”

Back and Side Doors

Out-of-sight doors allow visitors to enter without being noticed, whether they are invited or not. Almost a quarter of all break-ins occur through the back door. Install CCTV cameras on your secondary doors to assure complete visibility of everyone who enters and exits, especially if one of them is used as frequently as or more frequently than your main entrance, or if one appears particularly appealing or accessible to a possible intruder.

Garage and Driveway

Burglars frequently target garages since they are one of the weakest entrance points. “A CCTV camera positioned at your garage and/or driveway keeps an eye on bicycles, tools, grills, sports equipment, cars, and anyone who handles them under surveillance,” says Loureiro. “The security camera keeps you connected if your garage is unattached. If your garage is connected to your house, an extra layer of security keeps an eye on another prospective entryway. If you have a gate at the end of your driveway, you may wish to install a CCTV camera to detect intruders.”


Keeping an eye on the yard will allow you to keep track of anyone who is looking at your house from the outside. It can also be used to record the actions of children, animals, and trespassers. 

Consider the need for support lighting

During the day, CCTV surveillance cameras can record in color, but at night, unless adequate support lighting has been installed, they will convert to black and white. “It’s critical to have external lighting, such as an LED lamp, for color definition so that a useful intelligence report may be generated identifying, for example, the color of invaders’ vehicles and clothing,” emphasises Loureiro. “Low-light security cameras that do not require support lighting are available, but they are far more expensive, making lighting the most cost-effective option.” 

Ask a security professional for advice

Loureiro further advises: “Seek the opinion of a security specialist before purchasing a CCTV surveillance camera for your home. They will be able to examine your property and show you recorded footage from several types of security cameras so that you can have a complete sense of the quality and pricing before making a selection.”

Making a decision with Ventech Solutions

Understanding the huge spectrum of CCTV surveillance camera technologies available on the market can take some time, and the latest cameras can do so much more to improve home security. Do you want to learn more about advanced capabilities or do you have any questions about how CCTV surveillance cameras might improve the security of your home or business?

Ventech Solutions have years of experience serving the Northern Suburbs in the Western Cape and are ready to walk you through the process from start to finish. Their sales and technical professionals are available to assist with any questions related to CCTV surveillance cameras. Call them at +27 61 668 2345 or email for a FREE on-site evaluation of your security needs.

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